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Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch

Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch


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Caliber Model: SL-5711P
Caliber Type: Central Eccentric Tourbillon
Frequency: 21600 Vibrations/Hour
Number of Jewels: 55 Jewels
Power Reserve: 120 Hours
Glass: Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal
Case: 904L Stainless Steel
Caseback: Transparent
Strap: Luor Rubber
Buckle: Stainless Steel Folding Clasp
Diameter: 46mm
Thickness: 12.5mm
Water Resistance: 50 ATM

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Charm of Black Hole

The ideas of space and time are reinterpreted in the universe. And among the most enigmatic entities are black holes.

Peacock originally created the central tourbillon wristwatch, incorporating the profound universe into the wrist and appreciating the fusion and evolution of time and space through precise dimensions.

Peacock drew inspiration from the unique shape and mysterious power of black holes, while also commemorating the great feat of human validating the existence of black holes through the 2019 imaging. This was done after Einstein predicted their existence in his general theory of relativity.

  • Muse Design Awards 2023 Gold Winner & German iF Design Awards 2024 Winner

    In a world where conformity is the norm, the Peacock Black Hole defies convention. The Black Hole Tourbillon Watch, crowned with the prestigious Gold Award at the 2023 MUSE Design Awards, transcends mere timekeeping. It is a cosmic symphony, a fusion of horology and astrophysics that beckons the discerning connoisseur.

  • Wearing Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch

    Peacock Black Hole Tourbillon is suitable for both business and party wear

    Whether you’re sealing a business deal or dancing the night away at a soirée, the Black Hole adapts effortlessly. So go ahead, be the one who defies expectations, who wears time as an art form. Let the Black Hole be your silent accomplice, your beacon of allure. In a sea of ordinary, you’ll be the extraordinary—the most dashing gent in the crowd.

  • Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch Case

    Peacock Black Hole 904L Stainless Steel Case

    The watch case is made of 904L stainless steel, a high-alloy composition containing 25% nickel and 4.5% molybdenum. In comparison to 316L and 317L stainless steels, it exhibits superior corrosion resistance and oxidation capability.

  • Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch Case

    Peacock Black Hole Watch Dome-shaped Sapphire Glass

    Customized dome-shaped sapphire glass with an anti-fingerprint coating on the surface and anti-glare coating on the underside, enhancing transparency and creating a layered visual experience.

  • Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch design

    Peacock Black Hole Singularity Region Dial Design

    The centrally recessed design of the dial intentionally represents the singularity region of a black hole, where time exists eternally within the singularity.

  • Peacock Black Hole Watch Luminous Minute Hand

    Peacock Black Hole Luminous Minute and Hour Hands

    The luminous minute hand is inspired by the external gravitational field of black hole. The patterns formed by the fusion of carbon fiber and luminous particles resemble those of cosmic nebulae.

  • Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch

    Peacock Black Hole Aerospace-grade Fluororubber Strap

    Waterproof, dirt-resistant and non-sticky to dust.
    Excellent tear resistance, flexibility and skin-friendly fit.

  • Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch Case Back

    Peacock Black Hole Hollowed-out Case Back

    The case back features a completely hollowed-out perspective, showcasing a hand-polished vortex pattern. Scattered throughout are gemstones on bearing, resembling celestial planets drawn towards a black hole, sparking imaginative contemplation.

  • Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch Jewels Power Reserve

    Peacock Black Hole Movement Boasts an Exquisite Mechanical Structure

    Jewels: 55
    Power Reserve: 120 hours
    Frequency: 21600 vibrations/hour

  • Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch Movement

    Peacock Black Hole Features an Original, Independently Designed Movement.

    Peacock watches independently researched and developed. Innovatively equipped with four mainspring barrels.