The Ultimate Guide to Peacock Black Hole Tourbillon

The Ultimate Guide to Peacock Black Hole Tourbillon

Groundbreaking Chinese Watch! Five-day Central Tourbillon with Power Reserve. The significance of the Peacock Black Hole lies in: it was independently developed by Peacock Watch, the first Chinese five-day power reserve central tourbillon.

Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch

Behind this Black Hole watch is over 20 years of profound heritage accumulated by Peacock in tourbillon technology. Divided by color, the Black Hole watch comes in black, blue and green, all priced at $3,750.

Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch
Its design draws inspiration from one of the most mysterious and powerful celestial bodies in the universe - black holes. Black holes represent the final evolutionary stage of stars. Their gravitational force and density are immense, capable of swallowing all surrounding matter and distorting spacetime. Another special trait of black holes is they cannot be directly observed, yet objectively exist.
Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch
Because black holes are so mysterious and cannot be directly observed, for a long time no one knew what they looked like, until the first black hole image in 2019.
Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch
Black holes have a unique shape and mysterious power. The Black Hole watch inspired by them signifies a new milestone for Peacock in appearance design and movement research and development.

It is a watch brimming with creativity, sci-fi texture and precise mechanical flavor. It adopts a domed sapphire crystal and caseless design. The central tourbillon at the dial's heart represents the watch's soul.

Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch

Mechanical watches have three major complicated functions - tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar. Among them, the tourbillon is best known. It was invented by Swiss watchmaking master Breguet in 1795, in order to offset the negative effects of gravity on the timing of pocket watches.

The tourbillon mechanism places the precision adjusting device inside a rotating frame, which does a complete 360-degree rotation around the balance wheel axis. Through this method, positional differences between components can offset one another, improving accuracy.

Breguet invented the tourbillon for accuracy, while today’s tourbillons focus on aesthetics. They showcase the dynamic beauty and artistry of mechanical watches.

Technically, the central tourbillon has far greater difficulty than the traditional 6 o’clock tourbillon. Swiss brands price central tourbillons much higher than traditional ones.
Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch
The Black Hole's co-axial central tourbillon has the rotating frame and balance wheel rotating along the same axis. Compared to offset tourbillons, co-axial ones offer relatively better timekeeping.

The tourbillon bridge acts as a small seconds hand, indicating seconds as it turns with the rotating frame.

Mechanical watch power comes from the mainspring barrel. The number of barrels correlates closely with power duration.

Because the tourbillon mechanism is power-hungry, to achieve 5 days of power reserve, the Black Hole watch specially utilizes 4 series-coupled barrels distributed symmetrically in the same plane.
Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch
The 4 series-coupled barrels is a China first, remarkably challenging technically. Through persistent effort, Peacock overcame difficulties, obtained patents for both this as well as central tourbillon technologies.

Besides the 4 barrels, the titanium alloy rotating frame is also vital for power endurance.

Heavier tourbillon frames demand greater energy, resulting in shorter power reserves.

Titanium’s biggest advantage is its light weight. Using it lowers the frame’s mass, extending the power reserve.

However, titanium alloy’s processing difficulty and cost run high. Peacock took up the challenge, successfully producing a 0.46g ultra-light titanium frame. Along with the 4 barrels, this ensures 5 days of power.

Inspired by black hole gravity, scattered minute markers form left-right symmetry on the dial with ultra-thinness (0.3mm) and skeletonization with chamfering, reflective of top workmanship domestically.

The tips of hour and minute hands are engraved with Swiss Super-LumiNova to report time accurately even in darkness.
Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch
The exterior flange displays delicate radial patterns, while the interior bezel is decorated in mottled star nebula forged carbon.

Equally exquisite, the star nebula forged carbon integrates luminescent particles into carbon fiber under 2400°C and 7500N/cm2 pressure, resulting in alluring unique textures resembling cosmic dark matter.

The Black Hole makes particular material selections, surprisingly adopting top-grade 904L stainless steel for the case.

Most watches use 316L steel, with only a handful of elite Swiss brands like Rolex adopting premium 904L steel.
Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch
Far exceeding 316L steel in cost, 904L steel also offers superior corrosion resistance as the “noble” grade among stainless steel. This is my first time seeing a domestic watch brand use such high-end material.

The Black Hole is equipped with Peacock’s self-produced SL-5711P manual-winding tourbillon movement, consisting of 196 parts in a 5mm thickness.

Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch

The bridge features circular Geneva stripes that embody high-end mechanical movements.

The tourbillon represents Peacock’s core product. By combining central tourbillon with 5-day power reserve, the Black Hole showcases Peacock’s formidable technical prowess while breaking new domestic tourbillon heights.

Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch Description:

In the universe, the concepts of time and space are redefined. And black holes are one of the most mysterious existences. Drawing inspiration from the unique shape and mysterious power of black holes, while also commemorating the great feat of human validating the existence of black holes through the 2019 imaging, after Einstein predicted their existence in his general theory of relativity, Peacock originally created the central tourbillon wristwatch, incorporating the profound universe into the wrist, and appreciating the fusion and evolution of time and space through precise dimensions.

The minute hand originates from the "external gravitational field" of black holes, which has a spherical symmetrical distribution and extends bilaterally. The tip is filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova for easy reading even in darkness. The inner ring of the dial uses luminescent forged carbon. This high-tech material has undergone repeated testing, compressing resin and luminescent materials. The elegance of carbon fiber combines with the scattering properties of luminescent particles. The texture formed after shaping is unique in the world, resembling cosmic nebulae, with a deep and subtle beauty. The movement is completely skeletonized with a see-through perspective, showing hand-polished vortex textures in a sunken effect. Above it, the staggered jeweled bearings are like cosmic planets drawn into the black hole, presenting aesthetic artistry.

Peacock Black Hole Central Tourbillon Watch Specifications:

Peacock model: PBG0101
style: luxury
Shape: round
Brand Origin: China
Popular elements: Luminous movement
Type: Mechanical
Movement: manual mechanical movement
Strap material: rubber
Body thickness: 12.5mm
Arc diameter: 46mm
Case material: stainless steel
Display mode: pointer type
Bottom type: transparent bottom
Waterproof depth: 5ATM
Mirror material: synthetic sapphire mirror

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