Peacock Watches Inherit the Chinese Spirit of Climbing

Peacock Watches Inherit the Chinese Spirit of Climbing

"Climb up, let the whole world see the Chinese people!" This exclamation echoed the glorious moment of the motherland and showcased the fearless Chinese spirit of climbing in the face of extremes. The Peacock Adventurer Series Tourbillon watch combines this spirit with the theme of inheriting time, paying tribute to the heroes of the era.

In 1985, the Sino-Japanese joint mountaineering team wore Peacock watches and successfully climbed Mount Nametamu Uriamu. To commemorate the glorious historical moment when the Peacock watch accompanied the Chinese mountaineering team, the Peacock "Adventurer Series - Climber" Tourbillon watch is dedicated to paying tribute and carrying on the legacy, expressing determination and releasing the brand's spirit.

Originating from 1957, Peacock watches have rooted the Chinese spirit of climbing in their bloodline, adhering to the persistent pursuit of precision watchmaking technology, and always dedicated to the research and development and breakthroughs of high-end complex mechanical "Tourbillon" watches. The Peacock "Adventurer Series - Climber" Tourbillon watch features the independently developed and highly practical SL5215D automatic and manual-winding Tourbillon movement, whose regular mechanical operation provides a power reserve of up to 40 hours.

Peacock Watches Climber Tourbillon

The watch's exterior design also scales new heights, having been awarded the appearance design patent (Patent No.: ZL 2013 3 0392811.7) and the Silver Award at the 4th China Blue Light Cup Zhangzhou Watch Design Competition. The most striking design highlight of the watch is the dial featuring a three-dimensional and striking "Paris Nail" pattern, a rare craft in China, inspired by the architectural art of diamond-tip matrix arrangements, lending the dial texture a rich tactility and endowing the timepiece with a unique character, resembling the rocky and snowy landscapes of mountain peaks, both majestic and awe-inspiring. The exquisite skeletonized design at 6 o'clock highlights the mechanical beauty of the Tourbillon movement in motion. The 240° power reserve indicator at 12 o'clock allows the watch's powerful energy to boldly burst forth.

Forged from a sturdy 45mm diameter and 13.5mm thick stainless steel case, the watch is further armored with an electroplated finish, embodying the unbreakable determination of climbers as they conquer mountain summits. The watch's overall color scheme is sophisticated, offering a choice of blue, green, black, and khaki hues to express the unique and extraordinary personality of each wearer. The strap matches the watch's color scheme, featuring a comfortable and breathable silicone material that conforms to the wrist for a snug fit. The bold and eye-catching design breaks away from traditional styles, seamlessly blending sporty elements with the Tourbillon movement, iteratively evolving the design genes to create a timepiece that transcends the constraints of time.

Beyond its artistic aesthetics and unique character, the Adventurer Series Tourbillon watch is backed by robust patented technologies. In addition to the aforementioned appearance design patent, it also incorporates an invention patent (Patent No.: ZL 2014 1 0808097.9) and a utility model patent (Patent No.: ZL 2013 2 0146400.4). These patents ensure that the watch combines functional practicality with innovative design, further highlighting Peacock's unique original design philosophy and strength, while tirelessly carrying on the Chinese spirit of climbing, being a Peacock of China and a Peacock of the world.

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